Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday School 2: BA at Camp Cromwell

Richard's British v. Nick's Germans

The FOGN battle at Nick's didn't last that long so we moved downhill to Camp Cromwell for a dose of Bolt Action, this time with Jim umpiring.

Both sides had about 1500 points armoured platoons.   They fought the new scenario from the BA Armoured book where there are D6 objectives.  In this case there were 5 = the green hexes.  The Germans are coming on the right side, the Brits on the left.

Richard made his move down the far flank.  Nick deployed his armour hull down on the ridge while his infantry secured  the objectives at this end of the table.  With all their tanks hull down, the Germans soon got the upper hand in the tank duel.

The Brits got onto the objective on the German ridge and their infantry destroyed the Stug when it tried to take it back, but the Germans had moved their infantry from left to right and took the objective on the British ridge as well as maintaining dispute of the one on their side.  At the end of turn 7, the Germans had 3 objectives to the Brit's 1, with 1 in dispute so it was a German victory.  The Germans also suffers much fewer losses - just 1 Stug  compared to 4 Brit tanks. 

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