Monday, December 29, 2014

Bolt Action Cancon Practice

Jim's Panzergrenadiers v. Chris' Soviets

1000 pts Hold Until Relieved scenario, Soviets defending.

In this scenario there is one objective in the centre, initiatively defended by 2 defender's units.  The attackers can deploy anywhere more than 18" from the objective or enemy already deployed or leave units in reserve.  The defenders can put up to half in the their 1st wave & the rest in of the defenders come on in turn 1.  The Soviets have veteran infantry & an mmg on the objective.  The Germans put all but their Stummel on the table.

The Germans rushed towards the objective with their stormtroopers while 2 small units occupied the house on this flank & their other supports coverd their left.  The Stummel was in reserve & forgotten 

The Germans have taken the objective and consolidated around it in the orchard.  The Soviets have taken the nearest house & prepare to counterattack.

The soviet infatry have got out of the first house ready to storm the next one.

The Sherman has wandered off looking for prey not loaded up with panzerfausts.  The Soviets in the house that survived the two successful assaults have been destroyed by the Stummel & assault rifle fire from the orchard.

The Soviet infantry launched a desperate counterattack on the objective but were mown down by the panzergrenadiers.  With no infantry left, the Soviets conceded the battle.

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