Saturday, December 27, 2014

Maharajah Trophy 2014: Game 3

Jim's Panzer Grenadiers v. Nick's US

1,000 pts Bolt Action Point Defence scenario, Germans defending.
Fought at Nick's with Chris & Mark umpiring.

The Germans are defending 3 objectives on the far side of the table with 4 units on the table and 5 in reserve.  The US have 13 units, 12 of them coming on in the first wave on turn 1 and 1 on flank march.

The Germans basically hunkered down putting their heads up to shoot only to slow the enemy down  Their Luchs came on to engage the US AA half track with quad HMG  - a fearsome 12 dice.  It failed to penetrate, then was evaporated by an air strike.  The Germans pushed 1 large infantry forward in the wood beyond the village in an attempt to provide cross fire n any attacks in the centre.  This came unstuck when they were charged by GI's out of the nearest house and destroyed.

The US flank force came on in the left hand corner and quickly finished off the defenders in the field after they had been weakened by US firepower.   The last German infantry unit was brought on to help defend the centre.

At the end of turn 6 the Germans still held 2 objectives and the game would have been a draw if it had ended then.  But the dice decreed another turn.  The last defenders in the centre almost held on but there just too many GI's left and the bazooka team finally took out the last defender.

It was an enjoyable hard fought game.  The Germans only obvious mistake was getting the unit in the wood within counter-attack range of the village, and while they never looked like winning, with a bit more luck could have pulled off a draw.  But Nick picked an evil list and backed it up with sound tactics.  

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