Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Maharajah Trophy 2014: Match 2

Mike's US Vets v. Mark's Germans: Bolt Action

1,000 pts Demolition scenario.
The US are coming on from the left, the US from the right.  The objectives are: For the Germans beside the house near the RH corner.  For the US next to the stream near the wood in the far corner.  The US have infantry in the house next to the German objective,  The Germans have infantry in the house in the hamlet next to the wood.  2 German units still haven't arrived from reserve.

Both side's lost their MMG to howitzer fire.  The Sherman was knocked out by a panzerfaust fired from the house.  Subsequently the US Rangers stormed the house - but too late to save the tank.

On the left the US have moved a bazooka team into the LH house making the Hetzer very nervous.  The GI's have pulled back behind the crest of the central hill.  On the far flank the Germans have moved up thought the wood.

The Hetzer has rushed up the hill.  The bazzoka team has followed but missed their shot.  The germans in the fleid are pinned down by fire from the Germans in the house.  On the far flank the US are making their move forward.

For once the US got the first movement dice out of the bag & this time the bazooka didn't miss.  The Germans tried to storm the house by their objective but failed.   Their howitzer is pinned down by the US howitzer.  The US are running out of men while the Germans still have men in the 2 houses as well those you can see.   Soon after this the Germans conceded the battle.

Like the first battle on Sunday, this battle went over the 7 turn limit, but for the Mahrajah competition we are playing games to a finish if no one satisfies victory conditions when time runs out as per the book.

Steve's Germans v. Chris's Soviets

Meanwhile Steve & Chris fought a friendly on the other end of the table.
Your correspondent was too occupied umpiring the main game to take a lot of notice, but it was a decisive German victory.

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