Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bolt Action friendlies

We played two games of BA tonight.  Both were 1,000 pt infantry platoons using the new scenario from the armoured book.

Jim's Germans v. Mark's US

In this battle there are 5 objectives, 1 on top of the central hill, 1 by each house, 1 by the bridge & 1 in the far corner.  The Germans are coming on from the right.

The German plan was to hold the bridge & the hill and take the house on the left.

At the end of turn 6 the Germans had taken the house on the left, held the bridge and the other 2 objectives were in dispute.  So despite the casualties being much in the US favour, if the battle had ended then, it would have been a German victory.  But a BA game goes for an extra turn on a 4+ & the dice came up 4.  In the 7th turn the US destroyed the German units disputing the 2 objectives to turn the game into a US victory.

Chris's Soviets v. Steve's Germans

Your war correspondent was rather too involved with his own war to take a lot of notice of this battle.  This one had just one objective which was disputed at the end while both sides lost only 1 unit each.  So it as a draw.

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