Sunday, December 21, 2014

Maharajah Trophy 2014 match 1

Chris' Societs v. Nick's Germans

Bolt Action 1000 pts, Demolition Scenario at Nick's garage.

Nick is on the right with his objective in the corner of the field in the near LH corner.  Chris is on the left with his objective in the wood centre right.  Both sides start with half their force ont eh table and half in reserve.

Both sides made a rush for the village, but the Soviets got there first & the Germans fell back to shoot it up rather then assault tough Soviet vets.

The Soviets sent their tank on the flank march to come on behind the German rear.  The Sherman was immobilised by panzerfaust fire, but continued to fire.

The near flank was characterised by ineffective fire by both sides while things got very bloody near the village.
The village fight has ended with it in German hands.  The Sherman fights on, but the German infantry hang on in the LH field.  The game has gone past the usual 7 turn limit, but as a Maharajah battle it is being fought to a finish.

Finally the panzerschreck has finished off the Sherman leaving the Soviets with only an inexperienced infantry unit, a Ziz 3 & an anti-tank rifle left.  The Soviets conceded the battle & Nick goes on to round 2.

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