Sunday, January 04, 2015

Cancon Practice: Bolt Action

Jim's Panzergrenadiers v. Chris' Soviets

1,000 pts infantry maximum Attrition scenario.

The Germans are entering on the left, the Soviets on the far side.  Both sides put all their troops in the first wave with none in reserve.

 The Soviet heavy mortar hit the German HQ first round and destroyed it.  Soviet infantry have taken the house on the far side.  The Soviet infantry on tthe far ridge have been badly hurt by the German's assault rifles.

On the left the Puma forgot to evade & was popped by the Ziz.  The Soviets in the house are being pounded by German fire. We missed moving the turn counter on this turn - it remains wrong for the rest of the game.

The Germans have taken the house from the decimated soviet infantry. 

The Soviet heavy mortar destroyed the men in the house and their infantry have walked in to retake it. 

The Germans on the left have finished off the Soviet infantry with an assault. The Ziz has been taken out by the German mortar.  The Stummel is still alive, but pinned down by tan fire.  The Soviets have charged out of the house and taken the mmg next to the Stummel. 

The Germans on the ridge have charged on and taken out the heavy mortar.  The Stummel survived tank fire with just more pins, but the Soviets failed command to attack it and it survived.  We rolled a 1 for the 7th turn so it shouldn't have happened, but the pics show we had played 7 turns anyway.   The turn counter is a great idea, but only works if you remember to turn it over.

In the final reckoning both side have lost 4 units, so it was a tie.

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