Thursday, March 05, 2015

Bolt Action Armour on big table

Jim's Germans v. Chris' Soviets:
1500 pts armoured. Tank Battle Scenario with 2 objectives - one on the central crossroad, the other in gap in the woods on the left.

The Germans are coming on this side of the table, the Soviets on the far side.
4 Panzers are engaging 3 T34's at long range on the right.
A Sherman & a T34 are coming down the other 2 roads, both escorting a truck load of infantry.
2 small German infantry units are in the central village, another has advanced in the woods on the right. A puma is supporting the infantry in the village.                                                                      

While the armour slowly attrits each other in their long rang firefight, the Soviet infantry has advanced.  The inexperienced squad on the hill is losing a firefight with the grenadiers in the wood. The veteran squad has advanced on the village on the left in their truck & has already stormed the first house.  (The defending grenadiers were pinned down by tank fire & unable to stop their advance).

In turn 7 the soviet veterans stormed the second house and gained control of a second objective.  The Germans had treid to reinforce the defence of the objective with a MkIV but it was popped by a T34.  The Puma popped the Sherman on the left, but is too far from the objective to count as defending it.

The dice decreed no turn 8, so the game ended there with the Soviets controlling both objectives, thus victorious.  Chris' plan to tie up the panzers on his left and win with his vet infantry worked perfectly.

It was good to have room to move - so much better than a 6x4 table.

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