Tuesday, March 31, 2015

First Battle of Newbury 1643

Parliament: Mark & Chris:
6 pike, 12 shot, 8 horse, 4 guns. 4 div commanders & 1 CIC all command rating 8.
Royalists: Steve, James & newbie Ed
4 pike, 8 shot, 12 horse, 4 guns.  4 div commanders & 1 CIC all command rating 8.

Fought using Hail Cromwell, our adaption of Hail Caesar for the English Civil War.
Initial deployment: Parliament are on the left.
The Royalists are trying to attack on the near flank, but poor command is compromising their plan.  Their guns and foot have seized Round Hill in the centre.  Their attempt to charge the guns has fallen short & their left has lagged behind.  On the far flank both sides are taking up defensive positions in the enclosed country.
Parliament is trying to attack Round Hill, but it's a slow advance. The advanced part of the Royalist horse is having  a hard time being counterattacked by Parliamentary horse, artillery fire & musket fire.
The cavalry fight continues but Parliament got the upper hand early and Royalist counterattacks are not changing the situation.  In the centre, the Parliamentary advance is slow, but it's putting a lot of pressure on the enemy.
On the far flank both sides are content to hold their ground with a bit of long range shooting.  In the centre a Royalist pike unit had made a flank attack on Round Hill, but after initial success, the unsupported attack has petered out.  On the near flank the Parliamentary horse are mopping up the last pockets of resistance.
The Royalist horse has now broken and their foot on Round Hill are in trouble.
The Royalist foot and guns on the hill now broken.  The King has lost 2 divisions of 4 while the enemy have lost none so fail their Army Break Test.  The real battle was a tactical draw, but the King retreated overnight because his army was out of ammo. Here Parliament did rather better.

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