Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hundorf 1762

This scenario is from the Last Argument of Kings supplement for Black Powder.
Mike & Steve's Austrians have to stop the Prussians taking the Wacholderberg hill, but must start deployed with no troops within 24" from the summit of it.
Mark & Jim's Prussians have to take the hill to win.
The Prussians are on the left, the Austrians on the right.  Both sides have their cavalry on the far flank and have made a massed battery in the centre.
The Prussian infantry advance on the right & are moving their Hussars on the far flank towards the centre.  The Austrian infantry are moving onto the hill.
The Prussians are cursed my bad command rolls, only their right has moved much.  The Austrians have sent some cavalry to drive off the Prussian light infantry in the centre.
As all these troops are Steve's works of art I've attempted to take a few close ups for a change. Unfortunately, I've discovered that the light needs to better for close ups than for long shots & the picture quality doesn't measure up to Steve's paintwork.
The Austrians easily won the race to the top of the hill and the infantry are exchanging fire.  The Prussian CIC joined the Hussars plus they were got into column & they finally got moving across the Prussian rear.  The Prussian cavalry attacking in the centre had come under heavy artillery fire and have fallen back.  Left without targets in range the Prussians guns limbered up, then responded to an order to advance by blundering back.
The Prussian guns have finally advanced and redeployed.  The Hussars are really moving now.   The big firefight continues on the hill.

The Hussars get into position to charge but only get 2 moves and just fail to charge home on the flank of shaken infantry.

The Hussars have charged, but the extra casualties to musket fire on the way in hurt them.  One unit broke a battalion & drove their supports back into the woods, but the other Hussar unit failed & was was broken.  On the far flank the Austrians had thought about moving half their cavalry to their left, but after they refused to move for two turns decided they wouldn't get there in time & reformed their line on the far flank.
The charge of the hussars was the Prussians big chance to win, but it only partly succeeded & the musketry duel resumed with both infantry divisions of both sides on the edge.
With most infantry units on both sides shaken it was now a matter of who threw bad Break Test dice first.  It was the Prussian centre division that broke first.  Then the Prussians had lost 2 of 4 divisions while the Austrians had lost none, so the Prussians failed their Army Break Test giving the Austrians victory.

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