Thursday, March 26, 2015

Men o' War in Suffolk

My email friend in Suffolk & his mates are using my Man o' War Rules for Napoleonic naval battles.  With much bigger fleets of models than we have and some local tweaks to the system, they have taken the game to a new level.

The ships are a mix of old Nav War models that Tim had had in a box for years and scratch built wooden jobs.  He hasn't completed the sails on the home made models as they are made from the wrapping on top of French wine bottles which he is still manfully accumulating.


Truscott Trotter said...

Excellent is he using Spanish wine foil for the Spanish ships?

Jim Gandy said...

I believe he did a great deal of diligent research to find the best foil for the job & found the French is by far the best.

Fifey said...

Phoar, nice stuff.

I've had a look at Navwar for models did they place an order by carrier pigeon, or was it by new fangled electric telegraph?