Monday, March 23, 2015

Bolt Action at Barrie's

Chris & I introduced John Mumford to Bolt Action at Barrie's this afternoon. John put together a 1,000 pt Soviet army from his Chain of Command troops.  Chris used my Panzergrenadiers in his first game commanding Germans. I instructed & umpired.  They fought the TankWar scenario with infantry armies.
The Soviets are on the left, the Germans on the right.  The 3 objectives are next to the house on the far end, the house in the centre on the German side and in the Soviet side of the wood in the foreground.

The Soviets used the Scouts deployment rule to occupy the objective house at the far end & supported it with a Strelk unit & HQ.  Strelk are defending the near objective in the wood supported by an HMG.  Inexperienced Strelk & a SU152 are in the centre.  Infantry flamethrower & anti-tank rifle teams have moved up through the village.

The Germans have a large infantry unit on the far side, 3 small one in the wood in their centre, an HMG near the road junction and have advanced their Stummel, anti-tank rifle, HQ & large infantry on their left.  The Soviets strategy was to grab 2 objectives & hang on.  The Germans attacked on both flanks.

Both sides have a heavy mortar on their baselines with well placed FOO's.

The German attack on the house was badly hurt in their advance, mainly by the SI155 but the scouts in the house were destroyed by heavy mortar fire & one infantry unit survived to contest the objective, but when time ran out the defending Strelk still had 1 man standing plus the HQ so the Soviets maintained possession.

On the near flank, the flamethrower got the Stummel, but German infantry attacks through the wood were just beaten off.  So the Soviets held onto 2 objectives to 1 and won the battle.

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