Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tewksbury 1471

This scenario is based on Tewksbury 1471.  The surviving data is too sparse to be sure of an accurate simulation.  The terrain has the main features, the armies have the organisation, but the composition of the 3 "Battles" on each side is mainly conjecture.

We used our Hail King Richard variant of Hail Caesar.  Jim & Chris umpired.

Position after both sides have had their first move.
The Lancastrians (Mike & SteveD) are on the right.  They have advanced their left, pulled their cntre back out of artillery range & dithered on the right. 
Edward IV's army (Mark & James) hs advanced some of their centre battle to make converging fire on the enemy left.  The unit rear centre is a decoy, it is actually deployed in the wood oof shot on the far end of the table (not known to the enemy as in the real battle). 

After heavy losses to archery, the Lancs have pulled their right back.  They have now advanced their centre & right.

Edward has now advanced his right.

The uphill charge of the York knights was blessed with hot dice and broke the Lanc's knights  The victorious cavalry have advanced and turned left while the cavalry of the centre Battle follow up.  The Lanc's left & centre are now both flanked and under pressure.

The Lanc's left has broken & fled.  They have attacked on the far flank while their centre has redeployed facing left.  On the far side the York's flanking force has come out of the woods and is threatening the Lanc's right flank.

The Lan'c attack on the right centre has had mixed success.  Their infantry this side of the creek have been beaten off.  Their cavalry attack on the bowmen on their left flank broke through but have been left isolated in the enemy rear after the cavalry that rode over the guns was broken by York's cavalry which has now advanced to add further pressure on the Lanc's centre. 

It only takes another volley of bowfire to break the Lanc's centre & end the battle, once again as a Yorkist victory.

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