Thursday, March 26, 2015

Flames of War out of mothballs

With the annual FOW Kingston Kup coming up in May it's time to get the 15mm armour out of mothballs & get some practice.

Jim's Panzers v. Chris' Motostrelkovy

1350 pts Late Late War Surrounded mission, Soviets defending.
The Soviets are deployed in the middle with Germans attacking from both ends.
The IS2's couldn't point their front armour two ways & 2 of them have been got.  But 3 MkIV's have died too.
While smoke & MkIV's kept the Soviet armour busy the Germans attacked the Soviet infantry on the right with Panzergrenadiers and Stugs.   The first attack was beaten off & the Panzergrenadiers failed morale.  But the Stugs attacked again & got lucky.  The Strelk failed the test & CIC re-roll to counterattack, then had to test for below half strength and again failed morale & CIC re-roll.  The Soviets had nothing close enough to dispute the objective and the IS2's missed their shots at the Stugs.  A German victory 5:2.

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