Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Battle for the Oasis: Crusaders v. Saladin

Mike & Marks' Crusaders v. Jim's Saracens

Both sides had 3 divisions.  Naturally the Crusaders had less troops, but more armour.  There is an oasis in the centre of the table.  The two armies start deployed on ridges on a diagonal.  The Army Break Tests is modified in that any units in the oasis are not subject to it (logic being - why would you leave the water to die in the desert).
The Crusaders are on the left.
The Crusaders were content to make a slow steady advance - which some bad command dice often made no advance at all.  The Saracens rushed for the oasis with their foot with cavalry on both flanks.
The horse archers spread advance on each flank to harass the Crusader knights.  The Saracen infantry form a defense in the oasis with their heavy cavalry on each side.
The Saracen cavalry on the near side of the oasis charged the Crusader crossbowmen in the centre of the line, but failed to break through then pulled back as the knights advanced on their left flank ignoring the not very effective fire of the horse archers.   On the far flank the Knights Hospitaller are advancing on the enemy cavalry.
The Saracen heavy cavalry is pulling back con both flanks trying to buy enough time for the horse archers to get effective.
The Knights Hospitaler are driving the Saracen cavalry back, but their impetuousity has exposed their flank & some of the Saracens are counterattacking.  The Saracen left is still firing & with drawing.  The Crusaders are intent on taking out the enemy horse  & have made no moves on the oasis.
The Saracen right has broken and their left is being driven from the field.
The Saracen cavalry has been defeated, but their foot in the oasis is immune from the Army Break Test.  The Crusaders only make one attack before time runs out and it is beaten off.  So at dusk the Saracen cavalry has been broken, but their foot hold the oasis while the Crusader army is dying of thirst.  Neither army has broken, so according to the victory conditions for the scenario it was a draw.  One would think that in real life the Crusaders would stop at nothing to reach the water, but the Sarecens would very likely slip away in the night after thoroughly polluting it. 

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