Sunday, June 07, 2015

Campaign Battle at Decumantes (Germanica)

The barbarian confederation of Gaul and Germanica are defending the Germanican capital against the might of Pontus and Macedon.  The barbarians are outnumbered by 33% but on the defensive and have chosen a battlefield with a narrow front between forests.
This is the largest Hail Caesar battle we've ever had & combined with the restricted front  it means both sides are deployed in multiple lines.  The barbarians are on the right.
The Pontic/Macedonians have deployed their cavalry in front of their heavy infantry and are making a steady general advance.  The barbarians have moved their cavalry to the front and are advancing in the woods on both flanks.
The first clash of the battle is left of centre where the Gallic horse have been charged by the Ponts and have recoiled from all three combats.
The German cavalry fared no better against the Macedonian horse and it too recoiled from the initial combat.  A second charge of the Pontic horse has broken the Galic cavalry division completely. 
The barbarian cavalry were a bit weaker than their opponents, but dice like this did not help.
The German cavalry soon followed their Gallic comrades heading for the rear. 

Having lost both cavalry divisions while barely scratching the enemy horse, the odds against the barbarians have grown from an unattractive 33% deficit to impossible.  The barbarians take advantage of the gap remaining between them and the enemy to retreat.


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mike left a nice gap in the german line for the Macedonian cavalry to exploit if there would have been a chance of the game continuing

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