Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Hail Napoleon 28mm

The Mare Nostrum battle at Decumates had to be postponed again - this time Steve had to take a sick cat to the vet.  So we introduced PeterC to Napoleonics Hail Whoever style.

Mike & Peter's French v. Mark's Austrians

Both sides have 2 infantry divisions, 1 cavalry division & 3 guns.  The Austrians have slightly better cavalry and an extra grenadier and Landwehr battalion.  The French have command 9 to the Austrians 8.  The French have better skirmish ability.
The French are on the right.  They have advanced with their right flank infantry followed up with their cavalry.  The Austrians are trying to redeploy their right but are making rather a mess of it due to a blunder and hot shooting by the French gunners.
The French column attack has had mixed fortunes with some columns stopped by defensive fire, but others pushing the enemy back.  The French command are debating what to do next.
The French infantry have renewed the attack and are pushing the Austrian left flank off the table.  The cavalry have met in the centre with the French being thrown back losing their cuirassiers.
The Austrian left has been driven off the table.  Their cavalry counterattack has been repulsed with another loss.  Their right flank infantry is still in disorder and has lost heavily to artillery fire.  The Austrians have not yet failed an Army Break Test, but their commander could see no hope and has conceded the battle. 

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