Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Small Napoleonic Battle

In case the 2nd battle of Decumantes was over quickly we had a Napleonic battle plan ready to fill in the rest of the evening.

Mike & Peter's British v. Jim & Mark's French
Both sides had 2 infantry divisions, a cavalry division and 2 batteries.  The British deployed first with hidden deployment allowed behind a long ridge.
The Brits are on the left with most of their army not on the table being out of sight of the French (with their locations marked on a sketch map).  All that is visible is the cavalry division on the far flank with their guns beside it.  The French deployed their cavalry on the right, both infabtry division this side of the village and their guns in the village.
The Brits got the first move and immediately advanced infantry over the ridge on the far side of the road.
Mark's two infantry divisions advanced on the ridge.  Just before they got there, the thin red line stepped over the crest and opened fire.  The column attack was generally halted, but with the superior numbers the French were absorbing the casualties better.
The French deployed their battery supported by a battalion just in front of the village.  The British infantry charged the guns but were repulsed by defensive fire.
The French cavalry moved to the right to square off with the British cavalry & avoid the infnatry & guns.
The French numbers are telling on the near flank and the British division there is verging on breaking.  The British attack towards the village is still held up by the battery.  They have got some infantry across the road to support their right, but ot looking like it might be too late to save it.  On the far flank the French cavalry with a mix of dragoons  & husars is getting the upper hand v. the British hussars.
The British right has broken.  The British horse has been beaten back and reduced to half strength.  Their artillery were manhandled into position to drive back the draggons, but an hussar unit caught teh battery in flank and rode it down. The Brits conceded the battle.

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