Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mare Nostrum Year 7.2: 2nd Battle of Decumantes

2nd Battle of Decumantes

After losing the first battle of Decumantes last year, the Gauls retreated to Roman Parma while their ally Germany retreated to his heartland.  The victorious Ponts moved most of their army to Athens fearful of a strike at their southern front leaving the Macedonians to continue the siege supported by just one Pontic division.

This year the Gauls took a punt that the Ponts would have moved troops south and again attacked Decumantes.  This time supported by two Roman divisions.  The Germans also attacked again, but were unable to coordinate their attack with their allies. 
The Gallo-Roman army is on the left with the Romans on the left of their line & their Gallic cavalry on the right.  The Macedonian infantry is on their right, their cavalry on their left and the Pontic division left centre between the Macedonian foot & horse.  The Gauls have advanced their right, the Macedonians & Ponts their left.  Both sides are holding back their foot on the far end of the table
Both the Ponts & the Macedonian cavalry just failed to charge home, and the Gauls then charged them.  The Ponts had some success breaking one Gallic warband and pushing another back, but their heavy cavalry was broken.  The Macedonian horse did better pushing back the Gallic cavalry & breaking one unit.
The Pontic division was eventually swamped by the Gallic infantry & the Macedonian horse declined to put their head in a noose by pushing forward.  On the far flank both sides had advanced slowly and were still not in contact.  The Macedonians ordered a general retreat.  The Romans & Gauls were happy to see them go.

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