Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bolt Action Tank War at Good Games

Mark's Germans v. Jim's British

1500 points Bastogne Scenario form the Tank War book (modified because we had British not US).
The scenario allows the Germans 2 units in the central village, half their units in their 1st wave coming on a short edge (near end) on turn 1, the rest in reserve, coming on turn 2 or later.  The allies have half 6" onto their short table edge & the rest in reserve on turn 2+.  
The Germans have 2 panzergrenadier platoons in the village and 3 MkIV's and a Tiger coming up in support.
The Brits have 2 infantry, a 25 pdr, a piat, a bug, a HT, a Cromwell, 2 Shermans & a Firefly.
The Panzers take cover in the trees & village and take on the Brit armour.  The Brit armour fire back while their artillery fires at the houses and the infantry advances on the village through the trees. 
The tank fight is singularly ineffective with both sides continually missing their targets, or when they did hit failed to get kncokouts.  The piat team however rushed up through the cornfield and caused a lot of grief to the Tiger & Mk IV on the right although not actually knocking them out. 
The British fire broke the morale of the panzergrenadiers in the houses and the Brit inf occupied the house next to the cornfield to dispute the objective (the road junction).  But two Panzers remained within 3" of the objective when time ran out, so the battle was a draw.

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