Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bolt Action at Good Games

Mark's British v. Jim's Germans: Tank Battle Scenario

We used the same armies as last time, but swapped sides.
There are 5 objectives: One in each hamlet, one on each hill and one on the T-junction.  The Germans are on the left.  In the first turn the Germans trucked panzergrenadiers down the road and grabbed the objective on the road juction.
The armour set to trading generally ineffective fire while the British prepare to counterattack the central objective.
The Panzers are getting the better of the British tanks, but the panzergrenadiers on the T-juntion are melting away 
The Brits destroyed the panzergrenadiers in the centre, but the Panzers still held that objective and two others to with 3 objectives to two.

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