Friday, June 10, 2016

Bolt Action at Good Games

Jim's Panzegrenadiers v. JohnM & Chris' Soviets
1000 pts modified Bridgehead Scenario.  We played the Bridgehead scenario from the Ostfront book with time limit 8-9 turns & no limitations on troop types.
The Soviets are on the far side of the river.  They initially deploy up to half their force within 12" of the bridge.  They could have put troops on this side, but declined the option.  The remainder come on as delayed reserves from turn 3.  The Germans start with half in the first wave on turn 1 & the rest on turn 2. To win you need to have troops within 6" of the centre of the bridge with no enemy likewise at the end of the game.  
From the start things did not go well for the Riech.  Their artillery & MMG were wiped out by enemy artillery & mortars before they fired a shot leaving the spearpoint rather short of support fire.  An over-ambitious charge over the bridge by panzergrenadiers out of the Hamomag was destroyed by ambush fire & counterattack.  Belatedly, the Germans went on the defensive, hunkered down a unit in the house near the bridge & played for a draw.  But they had lost too much by then, The Ziz & ATRs picked off the Hanomag & Stummel and a Soviet counterattack across the bridge by a truck full of pioneers took the house on turn 8 leaving the Germans with no way of coming back, so they conceded.

It was decisive victory for the Soviets, but that does not mean the scenario was unbalanced, although we might have had a bit too much terrain this time.  The Germans had bad luck early, but still might have salvaged a draw if they had gone the defensive sooner.


Unknown said...

Hi all from Denmark,looking forward to some bolt action when back,found Berlin tin soldier shop but only sells 18mm and 30 mm flats,very expensive but would post,Edinburgh only games workshop Belfast Liverpool nothing,found a games store in Copenhagen and they keep no stock but will order for you


Truscott Trotter said...

Hi Steve. Daventry is the best hahaha

Steve Jendrich said...

French riot squads 2 English football hooligans nil however after the game which was shown live in Copenhagen Russia 20 England nil and French police will no doubt wind up winning deporting both