Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Modder Fokkers

Game 1:
Germans: Mark & Steve both had a Fokker DVII.  They also had a Hanover 2 seater which had to do a straight photo run diagonally across the table at 2 hexes a move.
Brits: Mike & Chris had Camels staring low.  Jim had an SE5a starting high.

The Germans have started in the far corner & the Brits on the left.
As the Brits converge on the Hanover the Fokkers come in on the Camel's flank.
Camera angle changed to other side of the Germans.   Mike's Camel is engaging the Fokkers as Chris' goes for the Hanover's tail.  The SE5a even though its engine is damaged has dropped under the Hanover, has it's Lewis pointing up & can still keep up.
The Fokkers split off from Mike and dive after Chris's Camel. 
A deadly conga line has formed behind the Hanover.
It couldn't last.  The Hanover went down but Chris' Camel soon followed.  The spluttering SE5a is looking for a way back the mess to claim it's half of a kill.
Both British planes are damaged & run for home.Both side claimed 1 kill but the Brits conceded the field so a German victory. 

Game 2:
Germans: Oakie & Steve have Albatrii, Jim has a Pfalz.
Brits: Maike & Chris have Camels.
To even up the 3:2 the Brits have better planes, and were also were given a height advantage with the the Germans forced to fly straight until the Brits dive out of clouds and open fire.
The Brits are about to pounce of the their prey.
It soon gets up close and personal. Oakie's Albatros dives out of trouble, the other two Germans take them on.
Mike went though the dogfight and out the other side leaving Chris looking a bit lonely.
 Mike comes back into the fight face to face with Oakie while Chirs finds hiself in a Hun sandwich.
Some hot shooting my Mike blow's Oakie's Albatros out of the sky evening the numbers.  But only for moment as while Steve turns to fight Mike, the Pfalz shoots Chris down.
Mike intially got the upper hand over Steve, but a nifty sideslip and a bit of Pfalz turned tables.  With two Huns on it's tail the Camel was doomed.
So another German victory, this time 2 kills to 1.

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