Sunday, June 19, 2016

Muskets & Tommahawks at Barrie's

There was  a good crowd at Barries for a large M&T game he set up, then couldn't play in because he'd injured his back & couldn't stand up for long enough to fight.
JohnM, JohnW, Rusty & SteveJ defended with the Brits.  Jim, Jake & Darren attacked with les Frogs.
The Brits had works parties out working surprised by the Frogs, but had forces in the camp & the fort available once the alarm was raised.
The French made good progress at first, but some of the works parties escaped back to camp as the Brit regulars formed up gave the French some real opposition.

When time was called the VPs were added up, 2 for each works party fig that escaped & 1 for each enemy killed.  It was narrow French victory 53 to 57 - virtually a draw.

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