Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bolt Action At Good Games

Steve's SS v. Darren's Brits
Jim lent Darren a british army & umpired a 1000 pt Point Defence scenario, Germans defending. 
The 3 objectives are on the hill in the right foreground, on the RH corner of central wood & in the far house.
Darren put a bit of pressure on the German right but grabbed the easy objective in the centre and went for the poorly defended one on his right.  Steve erred in putting too much of his force on the right.  It put too many units under the British bombardment to start with, though they mostly recovered from that before the Brits got to them.  The main problem is that he didn't have enough left to defend his left
Steve got his rocks off shooting up the Honey with his Puma, but the Brit inf grabbed the centre & near objectives and Steve couldn't bring enough firepower to bear to blow them off them.

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