Monday, June 27, 2016

Hail Caesar at Barries

Macedonians: Barrie & Darren
Persians: SteveJ, Ed & Jake
644 pts as side, played with Hail Caesar with a few house rules, with Jim umpiring.

The Persians are on the left.   They have 5 divisions & chose to deploy them with 2 cav divs on the far flank, the guard infantry in the centre with levy infantry behind & their Greek mercenaries on ther right.
The Macedonians have 4 divisions, cavalry on both flanks (the companions on the far flank supported by 2 peltasts), The phalanx (which counts as 2 divs in the army break test) right of centre & Greek mercenaries left centre.
The Macedonians attacked with their phalanx with the others held back a bit (not entirely by design command rolls slowed some down)
The phalanx failed to break though due to Steves's good defence of supporting his best troops with the levies & an administrative error detected too late that had the Persian guard infantry with 7 HTH instead of 6 on the OOB. 
The Macedonians attacked on both sides of the stalled phalanx as the Persians counterattacked the mostly shaken phalanxes - which they found tough nuts to finish off.  On the far side the Companions were fought to a standstill, but not broken.  The mercenaries of each sides lugged it out indecisively on this side.  
The Macedonians had moved their left flank cavalry around the enemy flank.  If theri charge on the hoplite flank guard had broken though they might have had a chance of rolling up the enemy line.  But it was not to be.  The hoplites held them off.   The phalanx division has finally broken in the centre.  The Macedonian cavalry divs are now too weaken to do much & their mercenaries are about to be swamped by the Persian centre.  The Macedonians conceded.

Steve was the only experienced Hail Caesar player playing & I think his experience was the decisive factor.  His grouping of both cavalry on one wing with the long spear armed mercenaries on the other was good - it meant that one Mac cav div was outnumbered the other only had longs spears to throw themselves at. Using the levies only as supports for his good troops was also good tactics. 

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