Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hail Mr Lincoln: ACW 28mm

ACW scenario for 14 June 2016

Ratings numbers are: HTH / Shooting / Stamina / Command Rating

Div 1: 4 cavalry 3/2/4/9 mtd, 2/3/4/9 dismtd (shotguns & pistols).
           Start deployed within 6" of town, mounted or dismounted.
Div 2: 4 veteran infantry: 5/5/6/9, 1 rifled cannon.
           Start on centre edge of table in columns abreast.
Div 3: ditto. Start in RH corner of table in 2 columns of 2 with guns between.
Div 4 ditto.  Start on or beside road on left flank in 2 columns.
CIC: CR 9.  Start with Div 2.

Div 1: 4 cavalry 3/2/4/9 mtd, 2/3/4/9 dismtd (carbines), 2 Zouaves: 4/4/6/9.
           Start deployed within 18" of road entry point at centre of rear edge.
Div 2: 6 Regular infantry: 4/4/6/9, 2 rifled canon.
           Start in 3 columns of 2 with guns between about 27" from rear LH corner
Div 3: ditto.  Start in 3 columns of 2 with guns between about 27" from rear LH corner
CIC: CR 8.  Start with div 1.

Win by:
1) Breaking the enemy army.
2) Being in possession of all the buildings in the town at 10pm if no army is broken.
The Confederates are on the far side commanded by Mike on their left and James on their right. Union are this side of the table with Mark on their right and Jim on their left.
The Union cavalry have charged the Rebel horse and done well enough for the Zouaves to get up close to the town.  The Union have also rushed forward on the far flank.  On the near flank the Union are fluffing about, but a blunder has brought Rebs over the river to them.
The Zouaves have seized the railway station & the Saloon.  The Rebs get into the whorehouse.  The union attack on the left, but are beaten off. On this flank the over-enthusiastic Rebs have fallen back over the river.
This view is from the Union left.  The Union have reformed their line.  Rebs from the centre are coming over the ridge to help out.  The village has stalemated with shooting between houses and cavalry lurking safely in the rear.   Mark has got his attack underway on the Union right.

Whoops I got a bit close here, someone might notice that some of the Rebs are English Civil War musketeers (we gave up waiting for Chris to paint his Rebs typical of Confederate logistics). 

Mark has pushed the Rebs back over the river and also reinforced the centre. 
As Mike's left is driven back he tries a desperate cavalry charge past madame Orres.  It drives back the Union horse, but Mark's infantry turn on it and shoot it up.
The Rebel cavalry has broken and Mike's infantry is sore pressed.
Another pic from the Union left.  A Union cavalry charge past the railway station into the Reb's flank has been beaten off, but it served to take the heat out of the Rebel counterattack on this flank.  Mike's division on the far flank has now broken & the Rebs concede the battle.

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