Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Medieval: Scots v. English

Braveheart was on TV last night & the NBN was so slow I couldn't watch Iview or Netflix (thanks Malcom).  Crap movie, but there are worse battle scenes in movies.

English: Jim & Chris
Scots: Mike & Mark
The Scots are on the hill far left.  Cavalry on their left,  highlanders in the centre with shiltrons each side.  The English have cavalry on their left in column, Men at Arms on their right, bowmen in the centre & billmen in reserve.
 The English occupy the village while advancing onto the Scots right flank.  The Scots redeploy their spearmen to face the cavalry.
In the centre, the English bowmen advanced, but were immediately charged and disappeared in a flurry of lousy dice.The English cavalry charged the shiltrons, also threw lousy dice and bounced off.
Down a division already, the English went on the attack rather than let the Scots keep the initiative.  The billmen this side of the village charged, but the cavlry refused to renew their attack in unison & their attack petered out.
On the far flank the English Men at Arms withstood the charge of the highlanders & are pushing them back, but the Scots cavalry have outflanked them preventing exploitation.  The billmen in the centre have fallen back shaken. The English cavalry have finally charged again and this time have  made a hole in the line, breaking the shiltron on the end of the line. 
The succesful English cavalry charged on into the shaken spearmen that were withdrawn to be rallied and took out 2 units. 
The English cavalry success came too late.  The billmen finally broke in the centre and the Men at Arms on the right were overwhelmed front & flank by highlanders & cavalry.  So Mel won this one.

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