Saturday, November 12, 2011

Armistice Day at Camp Cromwell

We marked Armistice Day with 2 wargames (played with the priviso that we had to finish by 11).

Cancon practice match for Jim:
Jim's Bersaglieri v. Rich's Strelkovy.
MW, 1500 pt,s Fighting Withdrawal Mission, 6x4 table.

Against the sound advice of his son Thomas, Rich's list was all infantry & guns - no tanks.  He soon found out that this wasn't a good mix against the Besaglieri.  The 2 Carri platoons of 5 M14's each ran amok.  One outflanked and slaughtered the Gods & HQ.  The other, supported by a Bersaglieri platoon and artillery destroyed the Strelk attacks.  It was a crushing victory with the Ities losing just 3 teams while the Russians only had 3/4 of a Strelk left when they failed army morale.

Hail Caesar
Steve's Romans v. Mikes' Gauls.

Steve deployed his legion in the centre with cavalry on their right and a mix of legionaries & auxilia on their left.  Mike put his chariots on his left, then warbands, cavalry and more warbands.

When the Roman left bludered and left the legions left exposed, the Gauls counterattacked the legion front and flank with warbands.  It put up a stiff fight but was eventually destroyed. 

But the chariots were defeated by the Roman cavalry, the Gallic cavalry was wasted in a frontal attack on the Roman left and the Romans fought back to salvage a costly win.

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