Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cancon Practice 19/11/11

Jim's Bersaglieri v. Rich's Tankovy

After last weeks masacre of the Strelk, Rich tried a Tankovy force this time:  Sappers, 2 Sherman platoons, anti-tank guns & Sturmovics.  The Mission rolled was Hasty Assault - the Ities defending.  Both sides waited for all their reserves to arrive before doing much.  The Itie defence used the ridge on their left with infantry on the crest and artillery & tanks behind.   The LH objective was defended by infantry, Pak 40's and tanks.

The Russians used the cornfields to get their infantry forward.  One tank platoon advanced beside them and began whittling away at the infnatry on the ridge.  The other went round the right of the wood to counter an Itie counterattack thru the wood and to avoid the Pak's zone of death waiting for the Sturmovics to deal with them. 

When the infantry on the ridge had been weakened the tanks and infantry attacked it.  They drove the Bersaglieri back off the ridge, but the Carrri counterattacked (both platoons as the LH one had been brought over).

The counterattack destroyed the infnatry and the Shermans leaving the Russians with just 2 platoons left out of 4 and no CIC (that tank was sniped by a Pak) and running out of time.  

They finally disposed of the Paks by Sturmovik & tank fire and the Shermans came forward to try and save the day.  But in doing so they had to get close to the Carri which rushed forward around the flanks & destroyed them to finish off the battle.

Another win for the Ities, but much more harder fought than last week.

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