Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hail Caesar 23/11/11

Steve's Dacians v. Jim's Imperial Romans

We decided to give Steve's beautiful Sarmatian Cataphracts a run.  We didn't have the right troops for a full Samartan army, so we went Dacian with Samartan allies.  The armies are from the HC Book of Lists.  The Dacians don't quite conform having more cavalry than is kosher, but we weren't going to leave them in the box on that account.

All pics are taken from behind the Roman left.  The Romans depoyed 2 Legionary divisions in the centre (3 or 4 legionary + 1 aux bow each) and a light div on each flank (1 med cav, 1 small light cav, 1 light inf & 1 small archer each).  The Dacians had infantry in the centre (6 warbands + 3 skirmishers) and cavalry on each flank (3 cats & 1 small horse archer).

Through chance or design both sides advanced first on the near side of the table.  The first contact was some skirmishing round the woods, then the cats charged over the ridge at the RH legion.

The Roman line held on grimly as the Roman right wrapped around the Samartan flank and counterattacked. 

On the other flank, the Roman light troops could only play for time against the Samartans.  Left of centre, the 2nd legion advanced as the Dacians dithered.

When the Dacians and Romans met, there was a mix of results, but critically the Romans gained an overlap on the Samartan left and threw a reserve unit into their flank.  Attacked from both flanks and the front, the Samartan left broke.

The Roman left had also broken & their LH legion was now in danger of being outflanked and rolled up, but the Roman cavalry on the right were able to ride unobstucted into the Dacian camp to win the battle. 

Having taking the camp a victory condition made a good finish - I think much better than slugging away to the last division.

For some reason I've taken a liking to this figure from the Wargames factory German cavalry box.  He did well tonight as commander of the Romans.

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