Friday, November 25, 2011

Cancon Practice 25/11/11

Leigh's Soviet Armour v. Jim's Bersaliglieri

1500 pts Free for All:  Leigh's army is this Bergagalieri list's worst nightmare - 11 T70, 10 T34's, 10 Stuarts & 4 SU85's - made worse by losing the Attacker/Defender roll and being put on the open side of the table.

The Stuarts defended the Soviet left and the rest lined up to smother the Paks & infantry on the other flank.

The Ities charged forward on the right with tanks & infantry.  The Carri all but destroyed the Stuarts, forcing the Soviets to bring their T34's over to defend the objective.  But they had already taken out the Paks and they plenty of tanks left on their right to deal with the Ities there. 

The Carri couldn't hope to take on the T34's so they moved left, but they were too little too late to save the Bersaliglieri.  They were overwhelmed by the T70's and survived the fire of the artillery & Carri to hold the objective.

This was a reality check for the Ities.  There are going to be combinations of army, mission & terrain that make them dead meat.  The same may well be true for Leigh's all tank force.

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