Friday, November 18, 2011

Nick in Launceston

The Launceston Gaming Club was unusually quiet -- only 4 table playing games.  In fact, it looked like only 1/2 the usual crowd rocked up.

Rob Snr vs Rob Jnr -- Flames of War -- 1750 pts late war -- Hasty Assault -- US infantry vs German Panzers.  The game was still going when I left, so all I can say is that Rob won.

Dennis vs Nick -- Fields of Glory -- Carthaginian Starter army vs Gallic sstarter army.  An inconveniently placed steep hill split the battlefield into two components.  One one flank, two units of Gallic cavalry faced off against two units of Numidian light cavalry and some mercenary Gauls hired by the carthaginians.  Nick's attack here was an unmitigated disaster, with both units of Gallic cavalry being routed.  One did come back for a bit, but was chased down by Numidians after they had looted the camp.  On the other hand, Denni's attack in the center was a disaster, with the Carthaginian Elephants being destroyed by Gallic bravery, and the Spanish mecenaries and African veterans being worn down to nothing by sheer numbers of Gauls.  The Carthaginian infantry was destroyed -- but the victorious Gauls tied themselves into knots, and couldnt establish some sort of battle line.  Meanwhile, on the flank of the infantry, Hannibal and the Carthaginian heavy cavalry overwhelmed the Gallic heavy cavalry.  The Carthaginian cavalry managed to maneuver to crush the end warband in the Gallic line, and Dennis got a hard fought victory -- if the warband had managed to hold out the Carthaginian camp would have gone, and it would have been a Gallic victory.

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