Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday School 27/11/11

There were two Cancon practice matches:

Munt's Fins v. Mark's Bersaglieri (Jim's list) in a Cauldron Mission

Munt was the attacker.  He got a good deployment (all on one side)and mounted a sound attack on one end of Mark's line.  He took an objective and Mark's cavalry (2 platoons of M14's) failed to arrive in time to take it back.

Rich & Thomas' Tankovy v. Jim's Hungarian Light Infantry in a Breakthrough Mission

Rich & Thomas had KV1's, T34's, T60.s, ZIZ's & infantry, plus tanko's on the heavier tanks.  It was designed to fight Jim's Bersaglieri list that Mark was using, but was just as nasty for his alternative Hungarian list - 2 infantry, heavy platoon, Pak38's, 105,s, 38T's & Nimrod AA.

The Hungarian infantry quickly dug in on the two objectives. 

The Pak38's were no match for the KV's which rolled over them and pushed on to attack the centra objective.

On the Hungarian right, the ZIZ's moved up into close range of the heavy platoon before they fired.  The Hungarians won the exchange of fire, destroying the 4 ZIZ's.

On the Hungarian far left, the 38T's came on from reserve and engaged the T60's.  After a long slog they won out and destroyed them.

In the centre the KV's rolled forward seemingly unstoppable.  The infantry gave ground hoping the artillery could save them, but the T34's came on and joined the KV's assault.  A spirited defence by the infnatry pushed the T34's back, but the KV's rear mg saved them from the panzerknackers and they destroyed the infantry to take the objective.

The Nimrods disputed the objective while the heavy platoon counterattacked and captured a KV bailed by the 105's.   But the Hungarians only hope of victory was for the 38T's to destroy the Soviet infantry and force an army morale test.  But Thomas was smart enough to dig them in in a convenient forest and the objective fell before the infantry were reduced below half.

Conclusions:  The Hungarian list put up a stiff fight against the worst possible opposition - certainly they did better than the Ities last Friday.  So the Hungarians may well be going to Canberra. 


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