Friday, November 11, 2011

Nick in Launceston

Vietnam -- Nick and Nick (NVA) vs Rob and Rob (US).

The US airmobile troops landed in a clearing, charged with destroying a supply center.  No sooner had they landed than a horde of NVA burst from the trees.  The NVA didnt do any significant damage, and wave after wave of US troops were bought in by helicopter.  Suddenly, NVA AA openned up on the helicopters, forcing two to return to base, and a short while later, forcing another to return to base.  Then a second horde of NVA burst from the undergrowth and attacked the US infantry.  A US platoon was almost overrun, with several teams destroyed in hand to hand combat.  But the US troops retreated, regrouped, and let fly with their M16's, leaving a pile of NVA bodies.  The 'Hog' gunships flew close to the first horde of NVA, and peppered them with machine gun fire.  However, lots of AK 47's shooting back saw both gunships shot down.

The game was called for time, but the NVA had won, getting victory points for each helicopter shot down / forced to return to base, and losing no victory points in terms of companies destroyed.

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