Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hail Caesar

Mike took command of the Gauls against the might of SteveJ's Romans.  The scenario was basically an FOW FFA, with camps replacing objectives.  The loss of your camp was to count as an extra division lost.

The Romans had their heavy cavalry on their left,  auxilary spearmen left centre & auxilary bowmen right centre and legionaries on their right.

The Gauls had cavlry on the right, 2 divisions of warbands in the centre and chariots on their left.

For once the Romans advanced.  On their left, the Roman cavalry was initially driven back by missile fire, but they rallied, came back and smashed the Gallic cavalry.

Left of centre the auxilary spearmen and Gauls advanced on each other and started a slogging match.

Right of centre, the auxilary bowmen were fortunate that their opponents dilly dallied (throwing bad command 2 turns in a row despite having the CIC re-roll).  By the time the Gauls charged, a legionary cohort had been placed on the Gaul's flank helping the bowmen to hang on.

On the Roman right the chariots skirmished indecisively with the legionaries.

The auxilary spearmen finally broke, and the auxilary bowmen were on their last legs,  but the Roman cavalry then hit the Gauls in flank.  The first division broke and the follow-up charge broke the second one.

Yet another Roman victory.

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