Monday, January 30, 2012

Canberra War Museum Visit

The Canberra War Museum has some interesting stuff from wars from the Boers to Afganistan.  For example a cute Afrika Korps Kuberwaggon...but the best bit is the aircraft.

The WWII planes on display include Lancaster, Me109, Spitfire, Mustang, Mosquito, Zero, Me262 and more.

There is an impressive sound, light & archive film display very realistically depicting a bombing raid on Berlin.  The film is projected onto a giant screen next to the Lancaster & Me109 suspended from the ceiling (and with an 88 below).
That was pretty good,  but the WWI air exhibition is absolutely f%&$ing awesome.

The genuine Pfalz, SE5a, Albatross, DH4, & Sopwiths parked around the hall or hanging from the ceiling are impressive enough, but the huge wrap-around screen video has to be the best air film ever shot.

Peter Jackson the film director and others have a collection of planes in Masterton NZ which includes an RE8 and several each of SE5a's, Camels, Dr1's. Albatri & DVII's.  With a bit of techno help they put together a short movie:

It starts off with a Camel reving up, taking off and attacking an observation balloon with tracer.  The balloon goes down in spectacular flames after the poor bugger hanging from it bails out.  After some great footage of nine SE5a's firing up, taxi-ing out and taking off in formation, an RE8 gets attacked by a flock of Dr1's & Albatri with great close-ups of the rear gunner.  Then the 9 SE5a's show up & the Huns peel off to take them on.  A magnificent whirling dogfight ensues with planes of both sides going down until a flock of Fokkers (DVII's) join in as well!

And you watch this sitting under an SE5a hanging from the ceiling!   It really was gobbsmackingly good - we kept going back to see it again. Do not go to Canberra and miss it!

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joe said...

Sorry I missed the trip this time round those aviation displays were'nt
done last time I was there.
Also Peter Jackson was instrumental in setting up this company that do great WW1 models.