Saturday, January 21, 2012

Last Tango Before Cancon

Jim's Hungarian Light Inf v. Rich's Kiwi Rifles

1500 pts MW Breakout Mission, Hungarians defending.  The Hungarians deployed all their force at the start with none in reserve.  Kiwis had their 25 pdrs in one corner and infantry & HMGs in the other corner.

The Kiwi infnatry moved towards the village & their HMGs moved to the edge of the wood closest to the village.

The Hungarians started moving their infantry towards the objectives while their Paks & 38T's destroyed the HMGs.

The Kiwi's first reserve to arrive was their Shermans on the RHS.  They hid from the Paks behind the wood & tried to snipe at the 38T's around the corner.  They missed and the 38T's swarmed them.  A combination of side shots from the 38T's, artillery and a Pak move and fire disposed of the Shermans.

Meanwhile the Honeys had come on in the other corner.  They killed a few infantry before the Paks turned towards them causing them to scuttle behind the village.

The other 2 rifle platoons came on and assaulted the 38T's.  The 38T's withdrew after losing 2 and set up outside the wood to protect the Paks from the infantry.

The Kiwis then used smoke as cover and tried to attack the 38T's out of the woods.  Attack after attack was tried, each stopped by defensive fire, or failed tank terror as the infantry slowly melted away.   One rifle platoon was destroyed but the other finally charged home, drove back the 38T's and took out a Pak.  But the last 2 38T's passed morale and their counterattack finished off the 2nd rifle platoon.

That left the Kiwis below half strength, but their CIC was alive and well in the village and they continued to pass coy morale tests.  One Hungarian infantry unit broke under Honey fire and the Kiwis launched a last desperate attack to take the objective before their morale luck ran out.  The Honeys destroyed the weapons platoon but was beaten off by the infantry.  The rifles in the village then attacked but they had been weakened by 105 fire and were finished off in a  counterattack.   The remaining Kiwis still passed coy morale, but we were well past the time limit and the Hungarians still held the objectives so were declared winners.

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