Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Hail Caesar Breakthrough Mission

Jim's Republican Romans v. Steve's Seleucids & Mike's Galacians

We made up a Scenario based on the FOW Breakthrough Mission.  A dice off made the Romans the defenders and they deployed diagonally across two table quarters with their camp as the enemy objective in the middle of the table quarter behind them.  The Seleucids deployed 3 divisions in the 4th table quarter at least 18" from the enemy and the 4th division (elephants and supporting infantry) on flank march to arrive near the far corner on or after turn 3.

The pics are all taken from behind the Roman camp.  The Romans deployed their legionaries in the centre, their cavalry on left flank and their allied spearmen and supports right rear.  The Seleucids had their pahalanx in the centre with cavalry on their left and Galacians on the right.

The Romans moved their allies back to guard the camp and sent skirmishers forward to harrass th enemy.

The Seleucids sent their wings forward while the phalanx slowly sorted itself out and followed.  Their flanking force arrived on turn 4 and immediately charged the spearmen.  The elephants were stopped, pushed back and the division quickly routed.  But that was a side show, the real action was on the front line.

The Roman cavalry plan to just keep the cataphracts busy was fumoxed when their medium cavalry blundered forwards to be immediately ridden down by the cataphracts.

The attack of the Galacians was stopped by the legionaries, but they were too badly hurt to follow up and finish them off. 

The Roman's allies were too slow coming back from their victory to be any use as the phalanx and the cataphracts slammed in to the Roman line.   The legionaries actually beat off half the cataphracts, but they were overwhelmed and both legionary divisions broke to give the Seleucids victory.

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