Monday, January 23, 2012

Greeks & Persians Hail Caesar

Jim & Richard's Greeks v. Steve & Mike's Persians

Both armies were 500 points in 4 divisions.  Army morale fail at: lose 2 infantry divisions, or lose 3 in total, or lose camp.  In the pics the Greeks are on the left.

In the foreground the small Greek cavalry division faces 2 Persian cavalry divisions.

In the centre the Persian foot advanced into bow range while the Spartans move up, eager to charge.

On the far side, 2 hoplite divs (Richard's own is in the far left) face mercenary hoplites.

In the foreground the Greek cavalry played for time, aided by Mike's poor command rolls.  On the far side, the hoplites slowly move towards each other in fit and starts.  In the centre the Spartans charge the Sparabara.

The Spartans on the right smash their way through, but their comrades on their left were held and the slow advance of the next division left them open to flank attack.  A confused fight resulted in the destruction of the whole Spartan division.  But the next hoplite division finally came up and the Persians were in turn attacked in flank and finished off.   So both sides lost their best division.

The Greek cavalry were finally overwhelmed in the LH corner, but they had done their job keeping the Persian cavalry out of the action.

The battle was decided on the far flank where Richard attacked the mercenaries with a bit of help from the hoplite div on his right.  The two hoplite lines took a while to slug it out, but the numerical advantage told for the Greeks in the end.  When the mercenaries broke that was army morale fail for the Persians.

Richard and his hoplites aquitted themselves well in their first battle.    The Persian's mistake was to have too much of their force on the wrong side of the woods.

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