Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hail Caesar 18/01/12

Jim & Renfrey's Greeks v. Steve & Mike's Persians

We tossed to see who was on which side using the same armies as last Sunday, but different players & different terrain.  The Greeks are on the left in the pics.

The Persians advanced their cavalry wings and sat back with their infantry centre.

The Greeks advanced their whole line as fast as they could.

On the far flank the two sides pretty well stalemated.  The Greeks were happy to hold the line & keep the Persians getting past into their rear, Persians got to support their centre with horse archers.

On the near flank the hoplites charged the medium cavalry and routed it.  But they lost a unit doing so and couldn't get to grips with the horse archers to finish off the division.

The centre was always going to be the decisive spot.  The peltast screen was driven back by massed bowfire, and the hoplite's advance hesitated at times, but two units charged home up the hill.  The LH one was resolved first.  The Greeks felt pretty good throwing 7 4+'s, but the dice gods give and the dice gods take away - the Persians threw 7 5+'s to hold on.

From there it was all downhill for the Greeks.

Not enough hoplite units made it up the hill and the two that did were beaten one by one.

Now it was just a matter of time before the Persian bows finished the Greeks off. The Greeks conceded (although no divisions of either side actually broken yet).

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