Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday School at Barrie's 15/12/12

We played a FOW and a Hail Caesar side by side on one of Barrie's 12x6 tables.

Hail Caesar:  Marks' Greeks v. Barrie's Persians

Barrie deployed his big infantry division in a long line extending from the RH edge to the centre, his javelin armed cavalry on his left and his horse archers in front of the centre.  Mark deployed his division of 2 elite hoplites and 2 peltasts on his left and the other 2 divisions of 3 hoplites, skirmishers and 1 small cavalry each centre and right.

Barrie sent his horse archers forward to harrass the enemy centre and advanced his right to the creek line.  Mark tried to counter them with his few light troops, but they were soon destroyed leaving the archers free rein.

The Greeks advanced their left to be met with such a hail of arrows from across the creek that they lost their nerve and fell back.  In the centre and on the right the Greeks belatedly advanced, but the Persians fell back shooting.

The Greeks eventually charged the Persian centre, but their accumulated losses told and they failed to break it.

With most of their units shaken or nearly so, the Greeks could only stand around as the Persians peppered them.

The Greek right broke first, then the centre was outflanked.  Clearly doomed, the Greeks conceded the battle.

Leigh's Schutzenkompanie v. Richards British Armoured Regiment

1500 points Early War, Breakout Mission.   (Leigh's army was actually Jim's Cancon Midwar army with the Pak 40's changed for Pak 36's).

Leigh caused great execution on the thin skinned British tanks, but they over-ran an objective and just enough of them survived when the Germans tried to blast them back off it.

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