Sunday, January 08, 2012

Cancon Sunday School

Team Tas for Cancon had a practice session at Camp Cromwell this afternoon...from left to right in the pic: Leigh Watson (MW Soviet Tank horde), Richard Taylor (MW Fin Infantry), Jim Gandy (MW Hungarian Infantry) & John Mumford (EW British Armour).

SteveJ's Panzers v. John's British Armour in FFA

The British cans charged forward (from the right in the pics) and the German's enjoyed a Turkey shoot.

Armoured Coys are not the sort of enemy John wants to meet at Cancon, though he should get his rocks off against infantry coys.

Jim's Hungarians v. Leigh's Tankovy in Dust Up

The Hungarians dug infantry in on the forward objective with Paks & Artillery in support.  The Soviets had 11 cans & 10 T34's on the table.

The T34's doubled around the Hungarian left hidden by town and ridge while the cans hid behind the line of trees.

That looked bad for the Hungarians.  Then it got worse - Leigh got his 10 Honeys on  from reserve on the first try.

31 tanks converged on 15 Hungarian infantry, their approach totally shielded from any anti-tank of artillery fire.

The PBI gave ground to the Honeys, were pushed back by the T34's, then anihalated by the cans.

The Hungarian guns finally got a shot at the horde. They destroyed the T34's but the cans still held the objective.  The Hungarian 38T's had come on in the far corner and were doubling for the objective, but this mission has no wait for turn 6 rule, the Soviets held an objective at the  start of their next turn & it was game over.

As Mark found out v. Byron in the Maharajah, this Mission is a tough ask for infantry v. armour.  In this case the terrain allowed the tanks to get up close without having to take any anti-tank or artillery fire.  But the way the T34's evaporated when they did get shot at shows that the Hungarians could have had a chance on better terrain.  With dissimilar coy types, so much depends on the Mission/Terrain mix.

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