Sunday, January 29, 2012


FOW Team Tasmania: John Mumford, Richard Taylor, Jim Gandy & Leigh Watson

With 100 FOW competitors, 550 other competitors in multiple other systems and thousands of visitors, buyers & sellers, Cancon is quite an event.  Mercifully, this year the weather was kind and conditions in the big shed were quite pleasant - not the oven we had heard of in past years.
There were 48 tables for FOW alone - for  the 40 players each of Midwar & early War and another 8 tables for a big Stalingrad campaign.
There were also a heap of shop stalls selling all things wargames.

Demo games of interest included: 6mm Napoleonics (Borodino - see pic), Hail Caesar & Black Powder Pike & Shotte.

We were also given a preview of FOW V3 by Phil Yates himself - should be at A52 this week.

Flames Of War:  Team Tas Results:

John's British Armoured (EW): 4 wins, 4 losses, 31 VPs.
Leigh's Tankovy (MW): 4 wins, 4 losses, 29 VPs.
Richard's Finnish Infantry (MW): 4 wins, 4 losses, 27 VPs.
Jim's Hungarian Light Infantry (MW): 5 wins, 3 losses, 29 VPs.

In Midwar we all had a good variety of enemy armies, players and terrain.  John was a little less fortunate in Early War as his opponents were Panzer in every game.  We had opponents from Brisbane, Sydney, Albury/Wodonga, Melbourne & New Zealand.

The standard of play & table manners was generally very good and Team Tas all finished in a bunch near the middle of the field.  The Monday Knights from Melbourne and the two Kiwis were generally a class above both in the game and in drinking capacity.  One curious fact we discovered was that cm are used rather than inches only in Tasmania and Albury/Wodonga.

Detailed results for the team:

John Leigh Richard Jim


British Armour Soviet Tankovy Finnish Infantry Hungarian Light Infantry

Round 1 Encounter Panzer Tiger Strelk Tankovy

Win Win Win Loss

6 6 6 1
Round 2 No Retreat/HTL Panzer Fucilieri Strelk Strelk

Win Loss Loss Win

6 1 1 4
Round 3 Breakout Panzer Fucilieri Tankovy Aust Armour

Loss Loss Win Win

2 1 4 4
Round 4 Dust Up Panzer Strelk Tankovy Grenadiers

Won Loss Loss Loss

6 3 2 2
Round 5 Witch's Cauldron Panzer US Para Pioneer Aust Infantry

Loss Win Loss Win

2 5 3 5
Round 6 FFA Panzer Finn Armour Grenadiers Pioneers

Win Win Win Win

4 6 4 6
Round 7 Breakthrough Panzer DAK Armour Tankovy Tankovy

Loss Loss Loss Loss

2 1 1 2
Round 8 Fighting Withdrawal Panzer Grenadiers Strelk Strelk

Loss Win Win Win

3 6 6 5

Wins 4 4 4 5

Vps 31 29 27 29


Truscott Trotter said...

Yes not only 8 Panzers but 5 identical Czech Panzer Ko's in a row! Great fun despite this was had by all!

lap1964 said...

TT stop moaning if it had been this time last year,you would faced 8 BARs ?