Saturday, May 25, 2013

A52 Practice: Free For All

Jim's Hungarians v. Rich's Tankovy

1750 pts Midwar on standard 6x4' table.
The Hungarians are on the left.  The Soviet Shermans went up the scrubby hill to dispose of the Hungarian observers, but then dropped back out of sight of the Marders.  3 of them got bogged in process.
On the near flank the Hungarians have advanced onto the scrubby hill to threaten the bogged Shermans & tie down the Soviet armour.  On the far flank the Hungarians are attacking with infantry & Toldis.  Their artillery has already knocked out the armour on that flank  and the Paks in the central wood make it hard for the Soviets to reinforce it.
The Toldi's died, but the infantry over-ran the guns holding the far objective to give the Hungarians a 5:2 win.

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