Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Hail Caesar: Rome v. Carthage

Chris's Carthaginians v. Mike's Romans

A training battle for Chris with Jim & Mark mentoring.  We used the same armies as Jim v. John a couple of weeks ago.  Chris's Carthos are on the left.
Chris has his 2 Punic divisions on the far flank, Gauls in the centre & Spanish on his right.   He soon learned some of the joys of Hail Caesar as his wings advanced while his centre blundered backwards.  The Romans advanced steadily with 2 legionary divisions on their left & 2 allied divisions on their right.
The Carthos continued to have mixed fortunes with command. The Gauls charged forward in the cemtre eventually but the Romans opened a gap in their line leaving half of them facing only Caetari in open order which evaded.  The Cartho cavalry on both wings were pushed back as were some of the Gauls which made contact.
The centre legion's triai wheeled right after the hastasi in front of them pushed their oponents back and hit the 2nd warband in flank, breaking it.  The Punic cavalry on both wings has fallen back.
The Gauls in the centre fell back out of the salient.  The legionaries push forward.
Both side's left flanks are attacking.
The Carthaginian attack has made some gains, but too little too late.  Both the Spanish and the Gallic divisions break on the near side.  The Carthos have lost 2 of 4 divisions, the Romans none of 4 giving the Romans victory under our rule for 4 division a side battles = break on losing half divisions if enemy has lost no divisions, otherwise break on losing more thna half.

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