Sunday, May 19, 2013

FOW at Barrie's

Jim's Falschirmjager v. Barrie's Brit Paras

This was a practice match for Barrie for the forthcoming Market Garden Campaign at Kingston, organised and umpired by John.  Both armies 1500 pts, plus Firestorm troops: Air for Allies, 1 Tiger for Germans.  Mission:  Breakthrough FJ's attacking from near corner of the table.
The Germans have smoked the Brit mortars & artillery observation with their mortars while moving up HMGs & Paks to try to suppress them.   An FJ unit is moving up to put somepressure on the Brit defence.  The Tiger & a reinforced FJ platoon are in Reserve.  A Pars units had moved onto the far objective.
An attack on the ridge by the FJ's was tried after the moratrs pinned them, but it did was stopped by defensive fire.  The Tiger has come on in the far corner (on turn 4) & shrugged off the inevitable artillery barrage.  Next turn the FJ's come on from reserve.  The Tiger attacked first & was destroyed by Para counterattack, but FJ's then charged home & all but destroyed the defence.  The Brits tried to blast the FJ's off the objective - they got lots of kills, but the FJ's passed morale.  A forlorn charge by the few para within reach was wiped out by defensive fire giving the Germans victory.

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Phil said...

Great looking battlefield!