Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hail Richard III

Jim's Yorkists v. Mike's Lancastrians

Both sides had 2 infantry divisions & 1 cavalry divisions.  The Lancs are on the far side of the table.
Both sides have their cavalry at the far end, 5 Yorks v. 4 for Lancs.  Both centres have 3 bow & 3 men at arms or bills, York with more heavies.  On the near flank both have 3 bows & 2 skirmishers, but the Lancs have 3 bills to 1 spear.
Both sides advanced cautiously with their strongest flank forward.
In the centre it is the Lancs that get their heavies to the front and charge the eneies bowmen still in the front line.  Richard threw a cavalry unit forward to support his centre, but his centre is pushed back anyway.  His right is also doing it tough.  Both side's cavalry are doing nothing, both player's leery of an even fight with a 50/50 chance of failure.
York's centre had managed to reorganise and counterattack now with the men at arms in front.  His right is hard pressed, but some of their oponents have been diverted to help the Lanc's centre.
The Lanc's centre has broken.  Yorks' right is on 50%, his centre almost all shaken, but their oponents have run out steam too.
Finally the moment has come for the cavalry.  4 of York's cavalry units charge hte enemy horse while he personally leads the 5th unit to the right to charge the flank of the enemy infantry.  Good dice give York's cavalry the upper hand, but it becomes irrelevant when Richard breaks the enemy's 2nd infantry division & the Lancastrian army breaks.

For the 2nd week in a row, Mike got the upper hand early, but couldn't finish it off & the enemy came back to snatch victory.


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