Sunday, May 12, 2013

FOW Mid War 1750 pts - Surrounded Mission

Jim's Hungarian Light Infantry v. Rich's Tankovy

This was the first time either player had fought this Mission.  The Hungarians are deployed in the centre 60cm wide strip defending 2 objectives.  The Russians start deployed at each end of the table.

Rich used Nick's random army generator to make up his list.  It threw up 2 tank platoons, one with tank riders, rockets plus lots of gun platoons.  The Hungarians suffered from having nowhere to hide.  Their artillery & light tanks got picked off, then the Russians blasted away with guns & tanks from both sides until the Hungarians were reduced to below half strength & failed army morale.  The Hungarians didn't help themselves by forgetting their Stukas until it was too late, but even so it looks like a tough mission to defend.

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