Saturday, May 18, 2013

Operation Cromwell Testing: FOW

Jim's Germans v. Rich's US & Thomas' Brits

This was a test of a proposed scenario for next October's Operation Cromwell - our annual FOW competition.  The comp will be for teams of 2 coys each totalling 2,500 pts with a Normandy theme.  We want to have 8 teams - 4 German, 4 Allied.  Each team will play the 4 teams of the other side, each game a different scenario on a different 8x6' table designed for the scenario.  The scenarios will be specially designed for the comp with non-standard victory conditions - each battle will have 10 OCVPs up for grabs.  The proposed scenarios are a modified Hit the Beach, a Bocage fight, a German counterattack & Falaise Gap.  In each scenario, the attacker will be provided with extra assets to add to their lists.   This was test run for the Falaise Gap scenario.  It is similar to the standard Surrounded Mission.

The Germans have a Fusilier Coy and a Stug Coy deployed protecting the road across the table.   (Paris is to the left).  A 7th Armoured Rifle Coy is on this side.  A US Mech Inf Coy is on the far side.  The Allies have Air Support & off table heavy artillery provided in addition to their lists.
The Brits are attacking with their armour on the right.  The US have engaged the Stugs with hull down Shermans on the left while pushing forward on the right. 
The Cromwells have smashed through on the right and linked up with the US, but they have to hold the gap closed until time's up.  The Stugs are moving to counterattack and re-open the gap.
The Stugs have taken out the Allied armour and German infantry has moved to re-open the gap.
The Brits are now attacking with their infantry on the near side.  They are making good progress, but probably erred in starting the attack too late and have run out of time.  The Germans have kept the gap open with slight losses and have won 9:1 victory.  It was an interesting game with both sides having their chances of winning.  We didn't find any problems with the scenario, but we'll test it again before October to be sure. 

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